Guidelines for Insulin Use

Tool Description
This document reviews the evidence on four important clinical topics:
1. Clinical outcomes of human versus analogue insulin.
2. Clinical outcomes of pen delivery versus syringe and vial.
3. Use of insulin in type 2 diabetes.
4. Interchangeability of common insulins and biosimilars.

Insulin Guidelines Tool
Summary: Insulin Guidelines Tool

Revisión de la Evidencia sobre la Insulina y su uso en la Diabetes
Sumario: Guía para el uso Clínico de Insulina

Examen des Elements probants concernant l’Insuline et ses Usages Contre le Diabète
Résumé: Consignes Relatives À L’insuline

Обзор доказательств по инсулину и его применению в терапии сахарного диабета
Резюме: Рекомендации по инсулину

Using This Tool
This information should be used when formulating evidence-based recommendations on national clinical guidelines and reimbursement decisions.

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