Here you will find videos about the issues of access to insulin.

Access to Insulin 100 Years on| Leaving No One Behind (2022)
To mark the centenary of the discovery of insulin, ACCISS teamed up with Cloud9Media to shine a spotlight on the current realities of access to insulin from both a global and national perspective. The result is a moving account of not only the challenges that people using insulin face, but also the opportunities for change through the concerted efforts of civil society, governments, and people most affected by diabetes.

Visual Story: 2023 Glargine Snapshot Survey Results (2022) 


Access to Insulin: Towards a WHA Resolution (2020)
In June 2020 a virtual forum was held to discuss the importance of a World Health Assembly Resolution on Access to Insulin in 2021. One of the most important elements to this discussion is to hear from those most impacted by access to insulin. We collected video testimonials from people in Peru, Tanzania, Lebanon, Jordan, Zimbabwe, Bolivia and Costa Rica.