Using the toolkit

The ACCISS Toolkit provides guidance for interventions to improve access to affordable insulin.

The toolkit is split into five sections:

  • Health Systems (tools to create or enhance sustainable health systems that improve access to diabetes treatment and care)
  • Need for Insulin (estimates of the need for insulin)
  • Insulin Selection (tools on insulin types and their use)
  • Price of Insulin (information on insulin prices and financing options)
  • Communications (capacity building tools to advocate and communicate for improved access to insulin)

While much work has gone into developing the tools, they are drafts that need piloting. We encourage you to adapt the tools within your country context, and share the results with us so we can improve them. We are asking for your email prior to downloading the tools so we can gather feedback about their use and effectiveness.  We will continue to add tools as they become available, so please keep checking the site. If you believe further tools are needed, or you have questions on the use of the existing tools, please let us know by emailing